Local lithium-ion batteries to help businesses manage load-shedding

Local residential and commercial lithium-ion battery company iG3N has designed a battery storage solution to enable businesses to store and use energy.

The solution is designed with a lifespan of ten years, says iG3N co-founder Tumi Mphahlele.

The batteries can be charged using solar power or through the grid.

The company designs, develops and manufactures lithium-ion-based batteries and builds energy solutions that are easy to use, high-quality, safe and affordable, he says.

Global energy generation has become increasingly decentralised and powered by renewable energy sources, which necessitates a reliable and secure method of storing and dispatching electricity when it is needed.

“In South Africa, the main energy grid is unstable and costs continue to rise. It is essential for businesses to have a reliable and sustainable electricity supply, so that they can continue operations without disruptions.”

While many South African businesses need a permanent solution to load-shedding, the process of finding an alternative power supply can be complicated and expensive.

“While we encourage people to convert to solar, we have designed our batteries to work alone as well,” he adds.

The company’s products are available to larger companies, as well as major installers and distributors in South Africa, says Mphahlele.

“We also want to help the average household that is looking for a simple way to help keep the power on for remote work and learning. Providing families with a quick and effective solution to be able to live without the fear of load-shedding is where we see the greatest impact of our product,” he concludes.


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