The e-Wall


The eWall design marries simplicity and function. The wall-mounted design supports multiple layout options without compromising floor space, and at the same time offers a raised height location to protect the batter from possible flood damage.
The battery has a control box separate from the storage unit,and allows for additional storage capacity can be added.

Using trusted LiFePO4 (LFP) cell technology the eWall offers a full 5kW (100A) sustained output per unit. The control box comes in 500A or 1000A units, giving a wider range of design options. Up to 10 storage expansion units can be paralleled together.
eWall ships with a wall bracket that is the same footprint as the battery so that you can easily plan and provision before installing the actual unit. This allows for quick preparation and installation as well as minimal effort should adjustments be needed.
Each eWall offers an access panel to the right with either top or bottom exit options. This panel securely closes and leaves no access to the main DC and communication ports.
The e-Wall is built with flexible scaling in mind allowing you to expand the storage component from 5.4kWh to 54kWh.
The additional storage capacity can be added up to 2 years after the initial units are installed.
Built to withstand African conditions the housing is designed with active cooling in mind to be able to handle the harshest conditions Africa can throw at it. A fan installed at the bottom of the housing induces air flow over the cells originating from the air vents on either side of the housing.

Each E-Wall assembly, up to ten units, requires a control box unit that acts as the brain of the assembly. The control box is positioned between the common positive busbar and the positive inverter DC input. The control box includes the BMS, CAN communication, smartphone connectivity. The E-Wall control box is either specified to 500A or 1000A depending on the customer needs. Furthermore, the control box is able to communicate to any modern inverter incorporating CAN communication.

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