About Us

I-G3N is a lithium battery manufacturer – leading in the South African market. I-G3N is an innovative company that focuses on clean energy solutions. We provide high-quality energy storage units, which can be used in homes, offices, and electric cars. I-G3N strives to provide affordable, sustainable, and renewable energy solutions to African homes and businesses.

I-G3N is a response to the energy crisis. The energy crisis has a negative long-term impact on Africa and the rest of the world. Our lithium batteries combat the crisis and help reduce the carbon footprint. Our products also serve as a backup system during problematic grid stages.

I-G3N is a dynamic group of individuals that are dedicated to developing clean-energy solutions for South Africa, Africa, and the world. 


The relentless pursuit of delivering premium clean energy solutions, implementing lithium batteries, a customer-centric focus, and innovation


Agility – We continuously seek technologies that provide the most value to customers.


Excellence through empowerment – In pursuing high performance, I-G3N will empower its internal-external stakeholders to be leaders in the green energy discourse, helping them achieve the goal of large-scale access to energy