About Us

IG3N is an innovative energy solutions company that exists to support large scale adoption of clean energy technologies by supplying high-quality energy storage units for stationary and E-mobility applications. The company strives to be the catalyst for enabling more households and businesses across Africa and the world to harness the power of sustainable and renewable energy products at competitive prices.


The company is responding to the current energy crisis that has a long-term negative impact on the African continent as well as in the rest of the world. IG3N develops products and solutions that are designed to support the reduction of the global carbon footprint and with decreasing grid quality and increasing grid instability, the role of companies such as IG3N in the supply of storage solutions has become an imperative.


IG3N relentlessly pursues the production of highest quality products and good after sales support and has put systems in place to ensure that it stays agile and efficient in order to effectively respond to customer storage requirements.


IG3N also places great emphasis on empowering both its internal and external stakeholders with knowledge about the energy discourse and views employee and public education programs as an important component of development initiatives. The company consists of a dynamic team of experts who work tirelessly to ensure that IG3N’s vision to develop the technology that supports large scale availability of energy is realised.


The relentless pursuit of delivering high quality energy solutions through innovation and customer centricity.


Agility – We will continuously seek technologies that provide the most value to customers.

Excellence through empowerment – In pursuing high performance, IG3N will empower its Internal and external stakeholders to be leaders in the energy discourse, helping them achieve the goal of large scale access to energy.