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IG3N (Pty) Ltd is a manufacturing start-up that assembles LiFePO4 batteries and is currently the “Premier player” [assembler] in the Lithium Iron storage market in South Africa. The company’s core market is on stationary storage in conjunction with Solar PV and focuses on superior products and on the incorporation of the latest technologies to battery functionality. One of the key focus areas is on exporting to the SADC region and the rest of Africa, as extraordinary opportunities exist on the rest of the continent, especially in the development of mini and micro-grids to impact development.

Our Batteries

Our Batteries are a sustainable energy solution. The lithium-iron batteries we manufacture are a clean solution to unplanned power outages and increasingly expensive electricity. With our premium backup solutions, you can enjoy reliable and consistent power, implement scalable solutions, lower electricity costs, combine battery technology with solar panels to get 100% off-grid.


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