The i-Node – Solutions per Industry & Top Features


The i-Node can be utilised for:

  • Emergency power – in the case of a power failure, your storage system is ready to supply power.
  • Peak load shifting – cut your peaks in consumption and save money by reducing the size of the mains connection.
  • Increase self-consumption – use more of the power you have generated.
  • Off-grid power supply – set up your own power grid, e.g. in conjunction with a photovoltaic system.

Solutions by Industry

  • Residential (Module)
  • Telecommunications
  • Industry / Utility (Array)

Top Features of the 5kWh – 1 00 kWh i-Node

  • Suitable for use as replacement in lead-acid based systems
  • Suitable for most inverter based systems with full monitoring and CANbus capabilities
  • Suitable for a small house or small business
  • Suitable for UPS or Self Consumption based systems
  • The system is scalable and caters for future requirements by installing parallel units
  • Military grade lithium iron phosphate cells tested for durability and safety
  • Wide temperature operational range (Discharge-20~60 Celsius) (Charge -10~50 Celsius)
  • Can be used and charged below zero operations (cold storage industry)